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W. Daniel Kayser AIA, NCARB


Associate Dan Kayser joined CBP in 2014. Around age five, he found a book of house plans buried in a drawer and was disappointed his parents gave up dreams of building a house. Meanwhile, his elderly neighbor Miss Murphy encouraged him with sheets of graph paper. Dan’s architecture career kicked off in earnest as he taught himself to read – and redesign – plans. The ideas that environment influences emotions, and artistic expression begins with craftsmanship have powered his architecture career. Over nearly 40 years, Dan has led higher education, cultural, mixed-use, and multi-family planning, design, and development projects with a blend of compassion and constructability.

“I’m doing things in my own backyard that shape the city. Each building design plays its small part in the interactive relationship between urban fabric and culture that is placemaking.”

Dan holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Professional Certificate in Real Estate Finance from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects, Urban Land Institute, and 5th Square, a local urbanist political action organization focused on transit and housing. Dan is registered in Pennsylvania and certified via NCARB. Within CBP, he coordinates the quality assurance program of office and practice standards.

A resident of South Philadelphia and a native of Massachusetts, Dan still considers himself a New Englander at heart. He enjoys spending time with his large extended family and friends, traveling, and attending Phillies games, and listening to alternative rock going back to his favorite band, The Pretenders. Most recently, he’s gone down the genealogy rabbit hole, exploring his family’s ancestry via its Irish, French Canadian, and German roots.

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