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CBP Architects


The latest chapter.

In January 2023, founder Cecil Baker’s decision to step away after a long and distinguished career presented a pivotal opportunity. The firm rebranded as CBP Architects, and partners Nancy Bastian and Eric Leighton assumed full ownership. Nancy and Eric continue their tenure of leadership expertise and commitment to exceptional projects. They emphasize a renewed focus on collaboration within the studio and with clients and teammates. The newly revitalized CBP Architects continues to create timeless, elegant architecture that fulfills a range of needs with quality, value, and an intrinsic sense of place.

Cecil Baker + Partners


Growth and change.

In 2006, architects Nancy Bastian and Eric Leighton joined founder Cecil Baker in firm leadership. As a result, the firm renamed as Cecil Baker + Partners. Together, the three built upon the firm’s decades of thoughtful, inspiring, and award-winning architecture. The next 15 years would see significant growth in the firm’s portfolio. Media referred to the firm’s work during this time as ‘setting the pace for modern living spaces’ and ‘responsible for some of the city’s most distinctive residential buildings.’

Cecil Baker & Associates


A strong foundation.

Architect Cecil Baker founded Cecil Baker & Associates in 1982. His background as both a designer and developer laid our company’s foundation for innovation balanced with practicality. From the earliest days, the firm’s work captured a strong sense of place, expressed through clean, contemporary architecture. Projects have always been informed by the natural and cultural contexts of each site, resourcefulness of materials and methods, and the needs and budgets of each client. Simplifying the complex became an underlying design approach that remains to this day.