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Our projects foster community. Our buildings inspire belonging.

CBP Architects designs for clients in the nonprofit, institutional, civic, and private sectors. Whether designing luxury condominium complexes or transitional housing, we respect those who live in our spaces and incorporate elements that spark joy, pride, and a sense of shared experience.

Collaboration. Creativity. Compassion.

Established in 1982 and based in Philadelphia, CBP Architects provides comprehensive planning, architecture, and interior design services for feasibility studies, programming, new construction, renovations, and adaptive reuse. We have designed affordable and special-needs housing, market-rate multi-family housing, luxury private residences, mixed-use facilities, and commercial buildings. We’ve helped clients strategize concepts for challenging sites, find return on investment in unexpected ways, and reinvigorate properties that sat underutilized for years. Our designs carefully adhere to budget, meet client and user objectives, and become integral to their communities.

We believe beauty and value are not mutually exclusive, and we bring creativity, elegance, and delight to every space we design. CBP Architects is recognized for its client-centered ethos and unwavering commitment to the pursuit of good design regardless of project scope or budget. To us, good design is both a process and a product. We look forward to learning what it means to you.